why does my clutch not engage; it wont come back up either on 1995 Toyota Celica

I changed my clutch out 20,000 miles ago including the master, the clutch slave; pilot bearing,templates and the flywheel. since then I had to change the engine. The dealership assured me the system was bled out when they replaced my engine. felt smthg wrong all the while and now the clutch goes to the floor and doesn't come back up. does this mean my clutch is gone or does it just have some air?

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poss clutch master cyl has gone bad start by ck'ing fluid level
I agree with greg but I would also try bleeding it
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was the clutch job also done at the dealer?How long(hours/days weeks or miles)after the engine swap did the clutch start giving you problems? Did you check the fluid level?
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