2008 GMC Sierra Denali Q&A

2008 GMC Sierra Denali Question: why does my clock on the radio keep resetting when I start the truck?

Also there cd changer cycles through. Please let me know if there is a quick fix or do I have to take it to a repair shop. -
Answer 1
How old is the battery? Does the starter trun the engine slowly when cranking? -
Comment 1
not sure haven't checked. also it does sound like the starter turns the engine slowly -
Comment 2
If the battery is weak it can cause this to happen as it drops below the voltage required to keep the radio clock active when starting the engine. It may be time for a new battery. -
Comment 3
I will try that Thnx -
Answer 2
Also poss. 2 fuses for audio unit- 1- key-off constant power for memory, &2 for key-on for function. -