why does my clock and radio stay on while my key is out of my ignition on 1999 Lexus GS300

very curious I've never owned this car before i recently bought the vehicle off a private seller so to day i went to work car started up fine for the past 8 days of purchase but i see the interior clock stays on and i have to manually turn off my radio whats going on

by in Rockville Centre, NY on July 22, 2014
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ANSWER by , July 22, 2014
Open door after removing key... Should turn off!
COMMENT by , July 22, 2014
I've tried that and it still doesn't turn off battery was completely dead when i got out of work my battery was measuring 6.5
COMMENT by , August 27, 2014
ANSWER by , August 26, 2014
Replace the 12VDC activated relay. When you turn the car off, the accesories circuit will disengage the coil leaving the circuit "Normally Open".
COMMENT by , August 26, 2014
COMMENT by , August 27, 2014
i havnt tried this yet I'll keep you posted now my car is immobilized but do you know where this relay is
COMMENT by , August 27, 2014
I have a 2001 GS300.... I can email you the schematic of the relays I am talking about... but I also have the Mark Levinson Sound System... so it MAY be different... (highly doubtful, however in the field of manufacturing)... Sucks that you cannot attach pictures to this post on this website... http://www.clublexus.com/forums/gs-second-generation/697113-2001-gs300-radio-circuits-w-o-mark-levinson-wiring-diagram.html http://www.clublexus.com/forums/is-second-generation/362250-take-a-picture-for-me-of-their-relay-fuse-box.html
COMMENT by , August 27, 2014
i no it sucks i went out and bought a brand new dash harness can you help me out this is a new post click on the link i need help 3 clips it has pictures in it http://www.clublexus.com/forums/performance/754771-i-m-having-problems-swapping-out-my-dashboard-pictures-inside-help.html#post8687888
COMMENT by , August 27, 2014
PARASITIC LOAD TEST WILL FIND AND CONFIRM WHICH CIRCUIT IS AT FAULT.... See a qualified MECHANIC!!!... When you get your car back on the road...
COMMENT by , August 27, 2014
Replace the Radio/ACC relays first... if that does not solve the issue (stuck relay) then you have an electrical issue that needs to be diagnosed further... I agree with Pushrod AFTER you replace the relays first... In regards to the new dash that you just installed... was the dash verified to have worked? Once again, if not, I would have a certified (electrical) run continuity tests on each lead... or if they have a test bench, hook it up to that to verify functionality...
COMMENT by , August 27, 2014
yea the old dash was wrking but it had a lot of cut wires i didn't even have a switched 12v wire for my radio so i took my old dash out and went with a new dash with uncut harness i put all the plugs where they are supposed to go now the cluster turns on but not my climate control or my clock could it be because i don't have my center console or radio connected yet
ANSWER by , December 22, 2014
My 2001 Lexus GS300 is having the same problem. I just had the ignition switch replaced. Did you get this fix ? and what was wrong?