why does my cars smoke a little the first time i start everyday on 2002 Toyota RAV4

why does my car smoke a little the first time i start everyday

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A little white smoke is normal, fuel does not atomize well until the engine warms up but is likely if you have a high mileage engine that the valve guides are a little worn and you may need to add oil between services.
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i would agree a little white smoke is normal from the moisture built up in the exhaist system overnight ,, also on a high mileage vehichle valve guides might be worn as well , this is normal , unless you are having overheating problems or running problems ,, i would not be concerned
worn valve guides
It is two things one is if the smoke is black you need to check you car fuel system and if it is blue it's your engine it needs overhauling meaning the engine has comperation loss so I can help benzmekanic on