why does my car vibrate a lot when stop at light. on 2003 Mercedes-Benz E320

why does my car vibrate a lot when stop at light.

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"Without proper diagnosis it is difficult to determine. However my guess: Motor Mount(s)."
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Peter (BDC-Service)
thanks for your answer -- I will replace mounts & tune... and then i should be running smoothly.
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Well first we need to be clear about stopping.The problem is basically when car idles????
Did check engine light come on ??
If problem is when car idles in drive or park, than its motor mounts,
However if car has check engine light on ,than a scan with s.d.s Mercedes Software needs to be done
Please get this check a.s.a.p weak or sagging mounts can cause further damage,also having weak spark plugs can
damage your emission system
you will have to get the a diagnostic for that but i can give you some idia it could be bad motor mount ,engine missfire idle speed cotrol valve

if you like to can call me at my shop we offer free visual inspection
thank you
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