Why does my car surge at idle and gets terrible fuel mileage? on 2007 Ford Taurus

When I fisrt start the car cold it will die. After a couple of tries it will stay running. This car only has 30,000 miles on it but did sit for about a year without being driven. Once it rund for a while it will sit and surge at idle between 50 and 150 rpm. It has now started getting very bad fuel mileage and I noticed today when I was checking it out that when I take the intake hose loose from the air cleaner housing it sounds like it is gurgling in the tube. I also noticed that if you cover the opening by the maf sensor it will kill the engine even if you just cover it a little bit. There are no lights or codes logged on this car.

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Vacuum leak at intake manifold hose(s) very common. Why did you ask this question if it wasn't worth a reply?