why does my car stutter when i accelerate on 2004 BMW 325xi

Once my car has been driven for approximately 1 hour, it will shake when you hit the accelerator. It's as if the engine isn't getting a steady flow of gas. You would swear the car has square tires when this occurs. The dealer cannot recreate the problem. It only occurs when we drive it. It drives as smooth as glass until you hit the accelerator, so i know it's not tires, brakes, suspension, etc. Has anyone else encountered this? my warranty is about to expire and i don't want to be stuck with having to pay for the repairs. Thanks.

by in Newton, IA on April 01, 2009
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ANSWER by , October 15, 2009
You may have gotten some bad gas.get afull tank, Mid grade or better. Add some fuel inj.cleaner every 6 months at least.And always consider a quarter tank to be empty. You could be sucking up old sedimate. especially if you have older metal tank.
ANSWER by , April 18, 2010
check your plugs and distributor, plugs can cause this they dont ignite right when they worn out (contacts/electrode on top), hope this helps :)
ANSWER by , April 28, 2010
I have a 2004 325xi and have the same exact problem...after about an hour!!! why wouldn't it drive like that all the time?!? anyone have any idea?? i've had my alignment done & the car looked at numerous times...no one has any idea :(
ANSWER by , April 20, 2010
i would expect it to be a bad fuel pump or clogged fuel filter, when your in high rpm's the engine has a high demand for fuel and the pump might not be able to keep up. My friend had the same thing happen to his truck , under full throttle it would lose all power, then all of a sudden come back ready to go.
ANSWER by , April 01, 2009
Maybe your front cv shafts are worn and when you accelerate they become out of balance due to the tork of the engine then when you let off the gas they become balanced again, Get a non bias opinion from another shop. NAPA AUTOCARE CENTER http://www.napalocator.com/?st=ACMEC They can put your vehicle on the rack and check those front cv shafts before your warranty runs out
COMMENT by , April 01, 2009
thanks for your input. The car seems to lack power during this stuttering period too, which makes me think it has something to do with the fuel being fed to the engine.
COMMENT by , April 01, 2009
Go to this forum http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=558339&highlight=xi+vibration I sold cv shafts in my auto parts stores for years and when they wear things like shaking and vibrations happen under load
COMMENT by , April 01, 2009
why doesn't it do it all the time then. in fact, now it hasn't done it in about 2 weeks. bizarre. i do appreciate your insight.
ANSWER by , December 10, 2009
Hey Bavenger. Just wondering if you got the answer to your question. I am having the same exact problem with my car.
ANSWER by , January 10, 2011
It is not about any problem on the wheels or other but you have to do is change the spark plug wire or high tension cabel and ignition coil also spark plugs b/c as you menshion the engine has no power it shaks even the car while you try to push
ANSWER by , November 30, 2010
I have a solution...Buy an A4 instead ! I have a 2005 325XI and just because of that issue that my dealer can't solve I'm going to buy an Audi A-4.
COMMENT by , December 14, 2010
2001 Mustang v6 - I recently ran over a curb and the fuel filler neck was dislodged and I lost a bit of gas. I had to lower the gas tank and replace the fuel filler neck. After a bit of driving I noticed the fuel gas cap sign was on, so I check the cap and obviously it was on and tight. Then I noticed when I accelerate, the car starts to stutters especially when trying to maintain speed while going up hill. The car doesnt stutter at high RPMs but instead stutters at low RPMs. I checked my fuel pressure and it was around 30psi. I know that is lower than normal but does anyone have any suggestions to what the problem may be?
ANSWER by , February 18, 2010
I have the exact same problem but I can recreate it. BMW325XI 2005. Hit the accelerator. Around 50 Km/h in second gear at 4500rpm the car start stutter like if the clutch was slipping....I am heading to BMW service center as it's still under warranty. Defenetely not normal...
COMMENT by , November 26, 2014
My clutch is slipping now its missing then dies if i dont hold the rpms up
ANSWER by , October 19, 2010
I had the same problem after i took off my throttle body to clean it. my problem was that when I put the throttle body back on I didnt have the tps (throttle position sensor) on leveled enough. try checking your tps, or maybe it could just be a fuel filter needing to be changed, and try some sea foam in your gas tank too
ANSWER by , October 23, 2010
it could be that the egr system is restricted with too much carbon
ANSWER by , November 29, 2010
Just check your plugs and wires and distributor because you engine might be miss firing and isn't running on all cylinders.
ANSWER by , November 30, 2014
04 BMWxi same shit clutch slipping and missing and dying. Replace clutch, bought a kit of coils cheap online, new spark plugs, fuel filter, crank sensor, if u found a diff fix email me at matthewmartin2294@gmail.com thanks