Why does my car smell like burnt after I drive it? on 1993 Toyota 4Runner

I have low compression on cyl1:75lbs cyl2:155lbs cyl3:105lbs and cyl4:175lbs. When the truck is idling and I remove the cyl1 wire it make no difference. And after I drive for a little bit it smells like burn, also when driving at about 45-55mph the truck looses power but gains it when I go over 55mph

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What kind of burn smell, Rubber, wires, oil, etc. Is it smoking anywhere?
It smells like burnt oil and if i open the hood i can see a little smoke like from somewhere under the engine and its not a 93 its a 99 4runner
Probably oil leaking on exhaust, depending on the compression, exspecially number one, and what is causing the low compression, if rings for sure, could be causing pressure in the block, and forcing oil out causing leaks. It needs a wet compression test to evaluate if the rings are the problem or something else the issue. Certainly is an older vehicle, and maybe time for some engine repair.
I agree with prof
Thanx for your advice
U Bet, at least your not downtown Bakersfield. Lol spent some time there in the 60's. Good Luck.
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