why does my car shakes or stalls when im backing up or i come to a stop? on 1997 Mercedes-Benz E420

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while im driving it drives fine and smooth but when i come to a stop and hold the brake down the car shakes like if it want to shut off. what might be the problem and where can i find it on the car?
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I was having this same problem. I have a 2000 Honda Accord. The engine light was also on. When I put it on the OBD II test it came back as my O2 sensors. I replace my O2 sensors and the same thing occurred. All together I have replace the spark plugs, spark plugs wire, 2 O2 sensors, throttle sensor, distributor cap. I had the same problem until I replaced the catalytic converter and the fuel pump. My problem went away along with the check engine light.Before solving this problem, I went to a dealer and got the car checked completely and he says after changing the catalytic converter and fuel pump if it still wasn't the problem change the fuel injector put I didn't have to go through that. Changing the first two worked.