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1997 Honda Civic Question: Why does my car shake violently when engine is cold?

When I start my car with the engine cold, it starts up no problem. But as long as my engine is cold, when I shift into first gear and step on the gas the car shakes violently and barely moves forward. To get it to go forward I really have to gun the gas pedal hard a few times then I can shift into the other gears with no problem. After I've been driving about 5 minutes and my engine has warmed up I have no trouble at all moving forward from a complete stop, no violent shaking. -
Answer 1
I also have the same problem with my Skoda Octavia ambiente 2001 1.6ltr petrol. When the engine is cold, after putting the first gear i can hardly move and i have to push the gas pedal severally to enable me move. Kindly help. -
Answer 2
You should check all the spark plugs and wires. I had the same problem with my Supra. You should also check for vacuum leaks. It may also be your TPS. -