Why does my car run hot when i use my air conditioner? on 1996 Lexus LS400

When AC is not on it doesnt run hot, why? The engine seems to die down some when AC is on

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Error: open compressor to system warm useful.
See the error will know how to operate.
Compressor run only on refrigeration work refrigerant action, and system not warm.
System warm by engine small tank is also the heater in warm water and into the wind and heat exchange, blow out hot air.
So, your automatic air conditioning winter AC will open, you will turn off.
In addition, there should be a refrigeration system and warm two mode adjustable, you transferred to the system warm case, AC should be won't start.
This is two contradictory condition, and the changes in temperature type as the opposite. Open compressor send warm wind, serious aggravate air conditioning damage and fuel consumption.
maybe this web can help you
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First you ask why does my car run hot with ac on, then you say it doesn't, which is it?
If it DOES NOT run hot with ac on check for radiator fan operation with ac off! Sounds like that might be your problem.
Fans aint working right.
ck aux cooling fan for a/c if its really runnung hot with a/c on
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