Why does my car keep blowing the automatic doorlock fuse on 1999 Ford Explorer

My 1999 Ford Explorer keeps blowing the automatic doorlock fuse. It was working fine. I am not sure where to start.

Is this the fuse for the automatic door unlock relay control? Fuse 18? I think this fuse shares the door locks and seat motors also?
Yes it is for the automatic door unlock relay control #18. The seats are manual, no seat motors.
I would check on the relays - that is where the wiring goes to. The relays are located behind the plastic panel on the left side of the cargo area. It's possible one of the relays is faulty.

Beyond that, you will have to trace back wiring from the relay box back to the fuse box. Somewhere along the way, you will find the short. Nothing easy, though, unfortunately.
Thanks for your assistance with this. I will give this a shot. I appreciate it.