2003 Lincoln LS Q&A

2003 Lincoln LS Question: Why does my car have any power?

I can press all the way down on the gas but it doesn't have any power. It will go in reverse just fine. When I try to drive. I can go a little ways and the car cuts off. They I can wait few minutes and it will go again and do the same thing. -
Answer 1
It hard to tell without more information or with out being able to drive the car and experience the problem first hand. If the car drives fine in reverse but not in a forward gear the transmission may have failed. If the engine starts and maybe even idles fora little while and then stalls, the exhaust could be restricted (blocked catalytic converter), If it has no power is the Check Engine light on when the engine is running if so a scanner is needed to read codes stored in the computer of your car which will indicate where the problem is. -
Comment 1
Thank you for your quick response. I know it's hard to tell without being with the car itself. I don't know to fix it or sale it. I just want to know the problem. -