Why does my car have a lot of smoke coming out of the exhaust when I start it. on 1992 Lexus LS400

So much smoke comes out of the exhaust, that when I leave the area it looks like there was a fire in the area. It happens when I start the car or when I accelerate.

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I still drive my 92 LS 400. I had the same problem. Ends up it was Dexron (Power Steering Fluid) entering the crank case through some power steering assist valve that runs off vacuum. I did not do the repair, but apparently the car can do without it. I plugged mine up over a year ago. My steering remains unaffected by this. However the white smoke at start up has stopped completely. I am told the SC has two such apparatus as opposed to just one for the LS.
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you either have worn rings or your valve seals are shot
I'm sorry I don't know what rings or valve seals you are talking about.
It could be an internal oil leak, coolant leak or too much fuel. I recommend you stop driving it and get it professionally diagnosed before anymore damage is done.