Why does my car die when I stop and won't idle smoothly on 2000 Volvo S70

My car constantly dies whenever I stop, I can keep it going if I drive with both feet and keep pressure on the gas pedal. Even when the car is in park the engine struggles to remain running, The RPM's will bounce up and down from 0 to 1000.

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This can be a few things, but the first step is to have the codes read out from the engine control module. These models had a lot of issues with the ETM (Electronic Throttle Module) and Volvo has extended the warranty on them to 200,000 miles and 10 years. These also had problems with the Mass Airflow Sensors (MAF) and you could have a large leak in the intake system. I'm sure your check engine light is on, so go get the codes checked and if it's related to the ETM take it to a Volvo dealer to see if it's still covered under warranty.