Why does my car cut off when I'm driving? on 1990 Chrysler LeBaron

I keep getting a check gauges light . When I'm in the middle of driving the car it will just cut off and the check gauges light will come on. This last time it did it I also got the airbag light. It sometimes starts up right away. Other times it will hesitate to start.,

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What is a "check gauges light"? Do you mean a "check engine light"? Here is a guide to what the check engine light means:
Check engine and check gauches lights are 2 completely different things!
My "check gages" (the warning light spelling) light comes on also, so I know there's a "check gauges" light. I just need to know "what gauges" are they talking about? Never has the "check engine" light came on ,as long as I've had it. The light comes on and the car cuts off. I have to re-start it then I can only drive a short distance ( I was on my way home so finally made it.)
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my chrysler (1990) kept jerking and would try to stall out, my brother has the same car (94) and told me it was my O2 sensor. we bought one at an auto store, he swapped it out and ran much better. It stopped the jerking and stalling.
had the same problem, mice had chewed through wiring harness under hood. Airbag light was on constantly and engine would stall when going over speed bumps or potholes. Repaired wires and taped up- no more problems