Why does my brake switch keeps popping? What can be causing this to happen? on 1998 Honda Accord

I keep replacing the brake switch and it blows every one to two days. Ehat can be causing this to keep happening? Is something draining it? I cant get the gear sgifter out of park when this happens either. There is no shift lock release on my 98 accord lx. How can i fix This?

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Do you mean the brake light switch OR fuse is "popping"..?
Brake light switch keeps popping. Fuse was replaced with a higher amp fuse after the 2nd time the switch blew. 3rd switch replaced blew again 2 days later
Do you keep a fire extinguisher in the car??....Might come in handy!
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Fix the broken/shorted out wire in the trunk harness...........that's my guess. STOP replacing parts and find the cause of the problem. You can do that by removing the fuse and removing the brake switch and get a volt/ohmmeter , do that and reply for next step..... And you might need some extra wire too make a jumper or two.