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1999 Chrysler Town & Country Question: Why does my battery light come on?

A few days ago I noticed the battery light on my dashboard came on and it has every day since, but I have a meter that plugs into the cigarette lighter and after a while it goes form 11.7 to 14.5 and stays that way. Can you help me? I must add that I have jumped the battery twice before driving the van. -
Answer 1
The computer is the voltage regulator, does the light go off when it reaches 14.5 volts. Have it tested, it sounds like the computer has an issue, but the alternator could have a diode issue as well. The computer can be by-passed with a good mechanic. -
Answer 2
How old is the batt? Could be the batt or Possible alternator. Go to local auto parts store like autozone they check both the batt and alternators for free -
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How many Chrysler charging issues have you fixed. -
Answer 3
I agree with ProfessorG. Most Chrysler charging problems are related to a PCM problem. I said most not all. Have the problem checked out by a PROFESSIONAL TECH,not a parts store sales person. Unless you have a deep wallet and want to guess the problem. -
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All the sale rep is going to to is throw the alt in a load tester. I didn't say have it diagnosed by them. It's the Easiest and fastest way to know if the alternator is bad. So what if PCM the voltage regulator if a diode in the alt went bad what good is replacing the PCM? I guess we're back to a deep wallet since you prefer to mess with the PCM before the alt. -
Comment 2
As stated. Shows 11 volts then it will reach 14.5. What control the charge rate. The battery not. The voltage regulator would be the most likely source. Yes have it checked but also have it proved to what the issue is and that is just what the regulator issue in a Chrysler acts like. I have also hit the alternator with a hammer and got them to work as well. Just saying IMO -
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