Why does my A/C blows cold on passenger side, hot on drivers side. on 2002 Land Rover Range Rover

A/C works but the drivers side blows hot air wile the passengers side blows cold air. It has R134a, what could be the problem? Stuck actuator door? Please help, it's summer and I live in Miami...

If heat is not blowing out on the passenger side vents of your vehicle, your should check the hoses on the firewall under the hood after the vehicle has warmed up. If both hoses are hot, that excludes thermostat and heater core issues. The next step is to use a code scanner to diagnose heater control
It is a common problem on these range rovers, The blend motors go out after several years and are an expansive cost to replace
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One of your blend motors have failed and needs to be replaced, don't be surprised to pay over $500 just for the part