Why does my 97 Legacy Outback have a stiff clutch pedal (hard to depress)? on 1997 Subaru Legacy Outback

Clutch was replaced last year after it failed (the release fork was cracked). Pedal is just as stiff as it was with the old clutch. Also, the clutch release point on the pedal gets lower & lower as the vehicle warms up. No external fluid leak. Is it maybe an internal leak in the master? Thanks.

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I would say that you have 2 issues, a clutch hydraulic issue, possibly a worn slave or master cylinder, and a worn out or very cheap pressure plate. This can cause the very hard pedal. Was it replaced with the new fork, because it ALWAYS needs to be replaced with any clutch job?
Thanks for your reply. Supposedly the entire clutch assembly was replaced last year but it wasn't my usual repair shop, maybe they cheated me & didn't replace the pressure plate. No way to be sure without opening it up so I guess I should start by trying the easy fix, replace the master. Do you agree? Thanks again.