Why does my 2006 Corolla sounds like a prop plane at speeds over 50? on 2006 Toyota Corolla

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When traveling at speeds over 50 miles per hour or so the inside of my car sounds like a prop plane. No engine lights are on, oil changed on time etc. The noise doesn't change depending on turning the car etc. it seems to be related to speed. I don't notice it at lower speeds as much.
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Rotate tires if that dosen't help have wheel bearings checked!
Should I just rotate the tires, with no balancing or alignment for now to see if that helps first? I guess my question is, if I have balancing done or an alignment etc. and then later have to check the wheel bearings because the issue didn't go away will that undo the balancing of the tires? I don't want to pay for something and then have it wasted if tire rotation doesn't stop the noise. Thanks so much!
Got a buddy that has a little car savvy?
Got a buddy that has a little car savvy?
Got a buddy that has a little car savvy?
Well i dont know what happened there! Car can be checked pretty easy for bearing noise.
Thanks so much. Had the oil changed and tires rotated and the noise was still there so a friend changed out the left wheel bearing and all is well now, just in time for a road trip to TN. I do appreciate the help. He was out of town when I posted my question originally.
Wheel bearing is bad and needs to be replaced. Need to locate which one though. Wetry is right though it could be bad tire wear as well.....I'm betting wheel bearing.
Thanks so much for your help-turns out you were right. Had the tires rotated and the noise was still there so a friend replaced the left wheel bearing yesterday and all seems well. Thanks again for sharing your expertise in this forum-saved me both time and money, in addition to avoiding a major problem on a long road trip to TN this weekend.
mine too is doing same thing please let me know what could be the solution
Check wheel bearings on front of vehicle. Just like his solution. Make a left turn if noise decreases probable driver side wheel bearing. Right turn decreases noise, probable passenger side wheel bearing. Can be both though as they get similar wear. Good luck!
the mechanic said is the front wheel bearing, thank you, will keep informed