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2000 BMW 328i Question: Why does My 2000 mod BMW 328i heat up so quickly?

After starting the heat gauge climbs fast to max. The red light comes on! I stop Immediately, and then re-start, and the gauge stays at normal but does fluctuate slightly in the upper zone. I do hear steam escaping from within the engine bay. When the ignition is first switched on there is a 'clicking' sound like a short circuit from the radio area of the dashboard.The car has done 280,000 Km, and has never given any problems till now! Please help -
Answer 1
It is hard to say without being able to do some basic diagnostic tests. You could have a stuck thermostat that is not allowing engine coolant to circulate to the radiator where it would be cooled down or I have heard (but not aware if your engine would have this problem) that some BMW water pump (some Ford models, V8 Jaguar models and some VW and Audi products) use a plastic water pump impeller that can either slip on its shaft or fail all together causing overheating problems especially noticeable in town driving. -