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1990 Ford Bronco Question: Why does my 1990 5.8 Bronco idle at 1,300 RPM after warm up, in gear with AC off



raybronco, Magalia, CA, August 12, 2011, 13:31

My Bronco idles at 1,300 RPM for 60 seconds after first starting cold then drops to 750 RPM in neutral. I then place the vehicle in drive & the engine goes to 1,100 RPM. If I turn the AC on in drive the idle drops back to 750 RPM. If I place the vehicle in neutral the vehicle drops back to 750 RPM also. If I put it back in drive it goes back to 1,100 RPM. There is no check engine light. I have not checked for codes. Could the Idle Air Control Valve be the problem?

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