Why does it threaten to stall out at an idle, & sometimes will not accelerate? on 1995 Honda Accord

Sometimes the vehicle runs perfect. 50% of the time the Car hesitates, threatens to stall out at an idle, sometimes will not accelerate, makes popping sounds like small backfires when the tack hits near 3 while car is hesitating. Speedometer and odometer stopped working same time d4 light on instrument panel started flashing. Panel lights work intermittently. Was told I have a cracked engine block, bad speed sensor, and clogged air tube thingy which is supposedly only as wide as an ink pen.

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Please post engine codes, should have check engine light on. Should at least have a P0700 code stored for the trans.('D' light flashing).Have Idle air control valve monitored for proper function. Cracked engine block? are you losing a lot of oil or coolant? Clogged air tube thingy--EGR? Need more specific info , does yours have V-TEC?
you must scan codes to determine what ecm is trying to tell you.post codes so we can adv
Ok my 97 honda accord speedometer dont work my friend took a paperclip and got the engine light code witch came out to be 17 and they say its the speed sensor i was driven home and it start to do like it was putting when i would step on the gas i let off the gas let it drop then press the gas again it drove fine it does it ever now and then, so what that may be