why does ac warm up under acceleration? on 2000 Lincoln LS

installed new compressor, condenser and dryer and vacuumed down system for 30 minutes. the gauges are showing good numbers. the air is ice cold when idleing but when given a little throttle it warms up. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you

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If the pressures are good when it goes warm and the outlet pipe from the evaporator is still cold at that time it may be a problem with the ATC system in the vehicle.
the low side pressure does drop to about 20 lbs under throttle. is there a problem with the thermo control unit? also I tried the heater side and no heat came out.
20 lbs is a little low, one would think the cycling switch would cut off the compressor at that pressure but that would not be your heating up problem as long as the compressor is staying engaged.
If the inside does not go to heat either then it could be the temperature blend door motor under the dash. The problem is if the actuator is not moving it should not make a difference if you're at idle or not...unless the heater core is plugged up and you're only getting hot water thru it with the higher RPM of the water pump.