Why does ac on van work one day and the next it stops then it wil repeat again? on 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan

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One day ac will work perfect then the next day it won't , replaced two fuses under hood that didn't fix problem, is there another sensor that would stop clutch from working when it's working clutch sounds good no scraps on squeals ac blows good and cold but the next time I get in van to start engine ac want engag clutch is not spinning checked connection on top ac and charged one can of 134
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There are several possibilities that can cause intermittent A/C compressor clutch engagement. If it is working perfect when it does work then it should not need a can/any more refrigerant and if some was added system may be overcharged now. Not knowing if you have a manual or automatic controlled system (both are available from Dodge) make it harder to give good info. Most of the time when working perfect intermittently it is often and electrical problem like a relay, switch/sensor or module. We diagnose circuit using manufactures wiring diagrams, bi-directional computer scan tools, pressure gauges and DVOM, I hope this helps, if not a relay which most can try/change themself if they can find it, them fee free to call Roy 757-456-0722 for a Free Loaner car/van with A/C while we diagnose and repair yours
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