Why do you recommend a shop that apparently cheats? on 2004 Honda Accord

Read a review of one of your recommended shops that wanted to do a brake job. Customer didn't like the price; took the car elsewhere. Was told the brakes still had about half their life remaining.

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There is no way to determine that without seeing the actual parts! One shops opinion as to how safe BRAKE parts are is always going to be different from another. Without taking the brakes off and looking at them there is no way to say what kind of shape they are in!! Brake material may be cracked or have other issues besides being worn out!! Kinda like going to two different Doctors, or any other person or facility that performs a publice service. Hard to guess at the brakes longevity, so lets just call it a difference of opinion rather than 'cheating'. That's my story and i'm sticking to it, way out here in Va.

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