Why do the windows Rattle and Why does the dash creak on 2008 Ford Fusion

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I purchased a 2008 Ford Fusion about 1 month ago used from a Certified Dealer. About the last couple of weeks I have noticed 2 things.
1) The windows are very loose and we then are part way down they rattle like crazy.
I took it to the dealership and they told me that there was nothing that they could do, it is the way they are build in the seal. It is driving me crazy. I have owned all fords and very disappointed in this one. Also never had that happen on any other car.

2) When I turn on the heater, the dashboard creaks so loudly. You can even hear it with the radio all the way up.
Again , the same dealer told me that there are little blowers by the heat vents that is causing the creaking and that there is nothing that they can do? Again I have never had a Ford that has done this?

Any thoughts or am I going to going live with these irritating noises.
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Is there a certain a warentee with this car? I would drive the car with them and demonstrate the noise to them, ask them does it require a new window regulator or what needs to be done to fix this. You may really have to demonstrate the noise to them to point out that the noise is unacceptable.
Same with the heater blower, you really have to demonstrate the noise to point out it is unacceptable. Being a Ford dealership take a drive in a similar year and model to your car if there is no noise in the other car demonstrate to them that htat car is normal.
Where is the next nearest Ford dealership.
I would disconnect the little blowers that are causing the creaking noise and see if it helps. As far as the windows go, you can usually put in some kind of shim to take the slack out of the window clearance, I have done it.