Why do the Speedometer stop working on 2003 Chevrolet Suburban 2500

My speedometer stop working on me

The '03 trucks had problems with the clusters, before condemning the cluster have the truck scanned to ensure the computer is reading the vehicle speed, and have the cluster scanned.
Have the truck scanned with what device
A Tech2 scan tool would be perfect. Some other professional tools will also test it.
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What about your milleages does the number moves?
Yes The mileage moves, the MPH needle does not move
Have your cluster scanned like what number one said
Common problem with these 2003 and some 2004 instrument clusters. They can be repaired - it is not a fault of any other part of the vehicle. For repair of these clusters go here:

These 03-06 Suburbans are bad about this kind of problem, it's usually caused by failing stepper motors inside the instrument cluster.

Each gauge has a motor that controls it's needle movement and when the motor goes out the gauge will either stick, jump around or die all together.

Another common problem is when all the gauges just stop working all at once (but the back lights inside the instrument cluster still work). This problem is also a problem with the instrument cluster that requires it to be taken out, opened up and repaired.

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