why do the caliper slide bolts keep falling out? on 1999 Dodge Durango

the bolts that hold the caliper in place keep falling out, I have had them re-threaded, but they still fall out. Can the bracket that holds the caliper be replaced?

Oversize bolts are available at Napa Auto Parts or online at
Must be a common problem if Napa is stocking these

Caliper Housing Bolt - Oversized - Front
Product Line: Balkamp
part# BK 6751539
Price $20.49

Caliper Housing Bolt - Oversized - Rear
Product Line: Balkamp
Part# BK 6751539
Price $20.49
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to replace the bracket where the bolts thread into you have too replace the streering knock. I had the same problem. i fix the problem useing oversized bolts that i found at autozone.
Many steering knuckles are able to be found in a u-pull-it if caliper bolts are to badly stripped out, and worth the work to get the part.also daily driving is not to much of a problem if you are offloading like I do you may need to get an aftermarket steering knuckle,may cost a little extra but definitely worth it.