Why do my windshield wipers hit the bottom of the windshield? on 2006 Honda Accord

Previously, when my windshield wipers were turned on, they hit the bottom of the windshield each time they went back-and-forth (at intermittent, low, and high settings). A mechanic made an adjustment for free and they now hit the left side of the windshield each time they go back-and-forth. In addition, because of his adjustment, they don’t come to rest all the way down when I turn off the windshield wipers. The windshield wipers’ speed is consistent as they move back-and-forth. And, their speed in any of the three speed settings is the same as when they are working correctly. That is, they’re not moving faster or slower than normal in each setting. Does anyone know what might be causing this problem?


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There are two linkage arms that power the two wiper arms off of the motor. They have ball and socket joints at each end. I found one socket worn out which allowed over travel and wiper slap at the bottom of the stroke.

Start the wipers and then turn them off to park the system. Remove the wiper arms by removing the screws under the caps. Open the hood and remove the plastic screen/cover. Remove the wiper motor/linkage assembly - three screws I think. The linkages are labelled "A" and "B". The linkages snap out and the new ones snap in. Reassemble the motor/linkage to the car and install the screen/cover. Carefully re-install the wiper arms remembering that they are in the parked position. Test the stroke with the mist selection on the wiper control.

You may have to uninstall and re-install the wiper arms to get the best action.