2010 Mercury Milan Q&A

2010 Mercury Milan Question: Why do LED tail lights have unbalanced brightness: right brighter than left?

The tail/brake lights (LEDs) are contained in a single, replacable assembly/component. There are separate assemblies (components) for the left and right sides. The right assembly is demonstrating some unusual lighting behavior: 1) Right tail lights shine brighter than left tail lights. 2) Right tail lights occasionally flicker when first turned on. Has anyone experienced this tail light behavior? Both left and right tail/brakes light assemblies appear to work properly otherwise. -
Answer 1
you have connections issues. make sure they are good solid connections and make sure the ground is clean and secure Roy -
Comment 1
After 3 months of monitoring this issue, the right tail light assembly/module (LEDs) finally gave up the ghost and died. Consequently, I had to replace the assemly/module. Was surprised that this tail light assembly/module lasted just 3.5 years. I thought LEDs are suppose to last a very, long time. Bummer! -