why do I hear a rattle or vibration from the engine area when cranked cold? on 1993 Pontiac Grand Am

It seems to quiet down when the engine gets warmer.

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something is probably loose...whatever size engine you have
Yea i bet something is loose, but a quad 4 has a few things i may be able to help with.
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What engine? That is alwsys good to know!
Quad 4 four cylinder. I think it could be bad motor mounts since it quiets down after engine gets warmed up good. Does anyone agree?
Two things i suggest, listen under hood as soon as engine is started cold, timing chains make noise
when cold due to worn componets. Also check cat converter for defective catalyst, may not rattle when warmed up.
Motor mounts could be worn as well. But i am just guessing on all of this.
seek a diag and est from your mech as i would only be guessing
Does the engine run rough on start-up? Is it a rattle or a vibration , that concerns you most? How does it change when you put it in gear? --When cold , then when warmed up? ..... More than one problem.......
Hi zip i have a problem i will post the question think about it and see what you think 02 Civic sedan 1.7.
Hope the response helped , I replied before I saw this response>........never mind!
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quad 4s were always bad for timing chain noise