Why do I have a loud clicking noise inside the car when I shut it off on 2006 Chevrolet Impala

When I shut the car off a loud clicking noise begins located up by the passengers dashboard area. The noise continues for about a minute then stops. So far it does'nt seem to be affecting the performance of the car.HELP PLEASE!!!!

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It's the Fresh Air Door Actuator, it's actually a common problem on these cars. It is located behind the glove box
Thanks I thought I was going crazy when this noise just popped up from the glove box. Thanx for restoring my sanity. leon
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My daughter just bought a 2010 Impala and she has the same problem. I first thought it to be related to the ac unit because it happened when we would first put the air on..but now, as soon as I unlock the door the clicking noise begins. I really wish I could figure this out. Great car but it came with two problems. This noise and the fact that it shakes/bounces when you drive 40 to 60 miles. Did you just get this car? Or have you had it awhile and the clicking noise just started? I'm sure these are inherent problems...and before needless money is spent searching for its source...I hope someone out there can help us.