why do i feel like my car engine is hotter then normal on 2000 Dodge Caravan

ok my raditor was leaking so i replaced it my temper needle was lightly before the half mark at that point but the engine seem pretty hot when i lifted the hood after driving for about 15 minutes ,unfortually the new raditor was defective and the needle is still at the same place but the engine feel hot when i put my hand over the engine when i get home after a 15 mintue drive. Is this normal for the van engine to feel heat coming from it after you park it, can my themostat be broke even if it read normal?

2 answers
yes, it is normal to feel hot after driving 15 minutes
Are the cooling fans working when they're supposed to? Thermostat is in engine , temp. guage is on dash guage cluster . Might be a good time to have a proffessional check for you , might save some money and aggravation.