Why car dies in hot weather? on 1997 Chevrolet S10

Blazer runs fine in cold weather but as soon as it gets hot weather the engine dies while driving. It will start back up and I can travel a few miles and the engine will die again. The air conditioning is not being used and nothing else is on except the radio. I know nothing about cars so any help will be appreciated.

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this could be seveal diff things seek diag and est from your mech. could be electrical or fuel related. does car over heat at all?
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Wrought out radiator ,replace thermostat.
Try running a full tank of gas the fuel pumps are known to go out .
if you run a full tank and it seems to help because its keeping it cooler then you know its time to replace the pump . It is never good to run a vehicle on below a quarter tank any make or model at that
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