1992 Toyota 4Runner Q&A

1992 Toyota 4Runner Question: Why can't I keep it running?

200,000 miles. Was running great and still does when I disconnect the fuel pump, until the fuel runs out. Died at a stop lite and can't get it going. Only when I disconnect the fuel pump. What's going on????? -
Answer 1
Im not getting wgat tour doing ?? Dus connecting fuse pump ? I cunt understund your doin?? -
Comment 1
Sorry. I'm actually wanting to know if this runner is worth buying, 1200.00. It's in great shape but he can't get it running. He figured it might be flooding out. It died at a stop light. He says it will only start when he unplugs the fuel pump, I guess the fuse, and it will run until the fuel is out of the line. Does that make since? -
Answer 2
It runs great when you disconnect the fuel pump ? So it runs bad with the fuel pump connected? -
Comment 1
It will not start because I think it's flooding out with the pump working. It only starts and runs for a few minutes until the fuel in the line runs out. I'm just trying to figure out if this runner is worth buying. Craiglist Juneau alaska, green 92 Toyota 4runner, 1200.00 -
Answer 3
this makes no cents.lol -
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Oh I get it, its flooding then when you disable pump it runs until no fuel ,ok I remember a problem like that , I think it was injector ,injecting fuel all the time ,it was like a bad computer ,I know the problem ,let me ponder on it -
Comment 2
Yes!! That sounds right. The owner mentioned something like that when I talked to him on the phone. Any kind of advise would be awesome. I would really like to buy it if it's worth it. -
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