Why are my rotors wearing out faster than my brake pads? on 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche 1500

My truck was making a noise and it sounded like metal on metal so we went and bought new brakes. We took them to someone to put them on and they said the brake pads were fine but the rotors had indents in them and he looked at the drivers back brake and rotors and said they were fine they didn't check the passenger side why could this be.

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Sounds like someone wants to sell parts. Have the rotors measured. If they can be resurfaced, resurface them. Of course that's if they have calibrated eyes.
well the rotors had indents in them but they said the brakes were fine but it's still making the noise and it's got all new brakes and rotors.
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You do not put pads on without resurfacing or replacing the rotors. The "someone" did not do the job right.
the replace rotors and brake pads and its still making the noise.
Again it is possible that the tech did not do the job right.