why are my headlights going off and on while im driving? on 1995 Plymouth Neon

This happens very randomly as i havent been able to pinpoint any one thing that i or the car may be doing that would be a common denominator for the reason why the lights would keep going out while i am driving. thatnk you in advance for any and all help you may be able to give me in reagards to this amtter

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Maybe a bad light switch, you would need to follow a wiring diagram, leave a voltmeter lead connected to the wire to the head lamp feed wire as you drive, when lights blink or go out see if power goes away. There is a company that independent auto repair shops get their information from, this same information is available inexpensively for people that work on their own cars.. The information is year make and model specific, covering repair procedures, torque specifications, fluid capacities and specifications, service bulletins, component locations, wiring diagrams ect.... Alldata is very easy to navigate