2005 Pontiac Sunfire Q&A

2005 Pontiac Sunfire Question: Why are my Gauges going crazy

Answer 1
Have the battery and alternator tested. When the alternator is starting to fail, the power level starts dropping and all components that draw on that power get 'starved' for electricity and act 'crazy'. Suspect alternator is the cause. -
Answer 2
Every night all night too? Needs a SCAN test of the instrument cluster to start with!... Code reader wont help!! -
Comment 1
Yes every night too I put a new Custer in it worked fine for one day then rpm hi gauge started going crazy took car to get the codes read after that all of them -
Comment 2
A SCANNER can actually test the gauges!! -
Comment 3
Do you have to go to Pontiac Dealership to have scan test done? -
Comment 4
No! Any independent shop 'should' be equipped to do this! -