why am I smelling gas on the oil dipstick when I go to check my oil? on 2001 Chevrolet Venture

My 2001 chevy venture has been not running for about 2 months now and I really need to get it fixed! My sister changed the fuel filter an in looked like it had never been changed! My van started and ran for about a month! It then died one day and wouldn't restart.I had it towed home and it did trferent codes came up! So yes I'm lost!y to start but wouldn't So is it worth getting fixed? I also rented one of the diagnostic computer gadgets and it said nothing was wrong but my sister pluged it into her suv and 3 dif

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Hello Rita, There is no piece of equipment that tells you what's wrong with your van.
The diagnostic gadget you rented only gives you generic OBII codes, not manufacture codes.
You need to check fuel pressure and volume with a real fuel pressure gage, not just disconnect the filter to see if it flows.
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try the fuel injectors it could be filling the cylinder up thats were i would start and if it got gas in the oil give it a oil change i hope this helped it did mine