Why am I losing coolant from my van at such an alarming rate? on 1997 Dodge Ram Van 2500

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Could it be that the water pump needs to be replaced? When the van is parked and shut off it completely drains the radiator,after sitting a period of time.
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you need to fill it up water 4 now and put a piece of cardboard underneath it large enough to catch drips/pour from radiator to trans then note where leak/s are and report back
without more info it's hard to say could be anything from hole in radiator to freeeze plug leak
how do you replace a water pump
my 1997 dodge ram conversion van was doing that had 2 put anti freeze every 2 days finally my husband tore it apart and had to replace a hose that was hard to get in a tight spot but he got it and NO MORE LEAKS ......