why am i loosing transmission fluid on 1997 Ford Expedition

i have to put more transmission fluid in my expedition weekly.....I have a '94 expedition, the drop down did not have a year '94

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97 was first year????
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Is it leaking on the ground? If not then it may be going into the cooler system.( the trans fluid circulates through a special part of the radiator and uses the coolant cool the trans fluid). You might want to check the color of your antifreeze. Make sure that it is not getting colored by trans fluid.

Regardless of what year or even if it is an Explorer, it still cool the Transmission in essentially the same way, and still uses some type of cooler. So, if the trans fluid is going away and there are no spots on the ground, then be sure to check for any discoloration in your coolant, as evidence that the trans fluid is going in to your coolant.
did expedition come out in '97?