why am i leaking engine oil behind the right front tire on my 06 nissan maxima? on 2006 Nissan Maxima

the oil is brown and behind the right front tire. i have been out of town and have not actually had time to see it. my land lord described it to me. this has never been a problem before. he assured me it was brown engine oil.

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There could be many reasons including that the leak is actually somewhere else and the oil is blowing to this area. The color has noting to do with identifying the leak source. It could range from a realtively minor issue such as a leaking valve cover gasket to something major like a rear seal. If you clean your engine and frequently look for fresh oil leaks you can better assess the source. Always be careful when washing your engine as water in electrical parts can cause your car to not start, run poorly and can ruin certain items.
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poss valve covers
More info needed. Like what engine.
I suggest you keep checking all the fluids.
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