Why am I hearing a humming noise from around the steering wheel after performing on 2005 Mazda Tribute

the noise is intermittent

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After performing what?
after I took car in for recall 6812G
Which was issued to correct what? What work was done?
July 27, 2012 — Mazda is recalling certain model year 2001-2006, along with model year 2008, Tribute SUVs equipped with 3.0L V6 engines and speed control.

Inadequate clearance between the engine cover and the speed control cable connector could cause the throttle to stick when the gas pedal is fully or almost-fully depressed.

This risk is there regardless of whether or not cruise control is used.
Your dealer will repair the vehicle by increasing the engine cover clearance.
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need more info
Have you had the dealer look at again? Sounds like something touching steering column. Needs to be seen.
Hey Greg, reply is at wrong place but i guess it will be read, maybe.
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