Why am i having troubles with only reverse? on 1996 Chevrolet Blazer

About 6 months ago i started having trouble with my blazer going in reverse. It engages like its supposed to but, I have to give it about half to 3/4 pedal to get it to move. When it starts moving it flutters until it starts backing up at a good speed. All of my drive gears work perfectly fine. What could cause this?

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Worn clutch pack due to pressure loss or broken hard parts, no in vehicle fix, see trans. shop. When you had the pan off did you find any dark flaky material? Any metal shavings or pieces? That is what trans. shop is going to ask, or you should tell them anyway. First thing a trans. mechanic looks at is what is in the pan, telltale sign of the problem!
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ck fluid level and quality of fluid to start with. could be several other issues as stated previously
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