Why am I having constant problems with my evap system? on 2001 Dodge Neon

I have had it "fixed" 5 times in the last two years and my engine light still comes on. I get it fixed and is good for about 2 weeks and then I her a small hiss and pop and then the light is back on. It started with a small leak and has gone up to a large leak. Is there some kind of blockage or something else causing this?

by in Jacksonville, NC on December 26, 2011
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ANSWER by on December 26, 2011
you need a new shop familiar with repairing these systems. evaps are difficult to diag but should not give you that much problems. Roy
COMMENT by on December 26, 2011
Thanks, but not really the answer I was looking for. I have been to two very reliable shops, that have replaced a pump, hoses,and hose clamps, even the gas cap, but the hoses still keep popping off. I guess my question should be why are the hoses popping off? Is there some kind of release valve that might be stuck, or would it be a blockage in a hose?
ANSWER by on December 26, 2011
I agree with Roy, find another shop that is able to diagnose the problem.

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