Why am i have shifting problem, with second transmission? on 2002 Ford Explorer

o2 explorer i bought with shifting problems so we replaced the transmission.. well it started again a few days ago doing what it was before.. it shifts real hard to first then feels as it is getting stuck then shifts up again.. only into 1st and 2nd gears... we put it on a scanner and its only reading that my transmission temp censor is reading over 8,000 degrees which it cant remotely be that hot.. could this cause my teanny to shift hard in those two gears or could it be my PCM

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trans may have warranty left on it.
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You do not say how long it has been since the tranny was replaced. It may be something under warranty and you should return to place you purchaced the tranny from so they can check out for you. Also many Fords have updated software for computer moduls that we can reprogram the PCM with an updated calibration that can address some shift concerns. The data that you have on the temp. sensor does not sound like reliable data...might try another scanner to see if you get the same data.