Why after it warms up starts whining,then gets hotter only 1 code reading P0304 on 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

When cold have no sounds, after it warms up the steering makes a whining sound when turning while speed is slow, after u get on road starts to run little warmer than normal temp. while driving straight it will start to make whining sounds again, I can turn steering wheel a little either way & it will stop making noise & temp will start to go down, but when straightened back up it all starts over.. It does have engine light code is P0304! I recently had plugs & wires, oil & filter all changed & problems seem to be getting worse.. Can anyone PLEASE direct me in the right direction?

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you noise may be the belt or acess pulleys and p304 is misfire #4 cyl could be several issues i rec return to shop that did tune up for adv
We changed the belt, it no longer gets hot, but power steering is still winning
try flushing the p/s fluid and use syn fluid or an additive that may help or u may need a new pump
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