Who should I take my car to to repair front turn signal light? on 2005 Cadillac SRX

The problem is the turn signal on the passenger side it is blown.

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Just had same turn signal and day-time running light replaced at Midas. It took nearly an hour with the SRX up on a lift and all tools at hand. It's a royal, I mean General Motors typical pain in the azzz. Driver's side might not be as bad. Cost me $25 with 50% discount. Got to love my Caddy!
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It is not simple to change the bulb. It's a royal pain. Your local mechanic should be able to help you.
It is very simple to buy and replace the bulb. if you are not comfortable doing this yourself, then any mechanic shop can do this.
It's actually not that easy, more time consuming than anything. But if you have about half an hour to an hour and want to save labor cost. 1. take off the tire with the bad bulb. 2. take off the inside plastic wheel casing. 3. You'll need a star allen wrench or star screw driver to take off the backside of the bulb casing to get at the bulb. 4. Now your able to take out the bulb and put it all back on. LOL just to change a blinker.
Take it to the dealer or you will cuss your head off trying to figure it out.
This was a two hour / two man job for my father and myself. It was indeed a royal pain. If you've got the 150 bucks, go ahead and spend it. Else, you have to remove the tire, fender well cover, and a host of bolts and screws to get to the frickin light housing.